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Snatched from :iconparaspriteful:

Name: Laura/Illyriel/Illyrieth
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Sexual orientation: Bi (or pan. I'm not sure..)
Height: 160 cm
Hair color: Red
Favorite feature: People have said my eyes could swallow one's soul. So my soul-swallowing eyes.

Home life
Parent's marital status?: Divorced
State/area you live in: Western Finland
What does your room look like?: I camp with my PC in the bedroom of my partner and I, so.. it's comfy.
Favorite food: Anything I haven't had to cook myself.
When do you usually go to sleep?:  When I'm tired. I don't keep a rhythm.
When do you usually wake up?: Somewhere between 10 am and 2 pm

Right now
Listening to?: An episode of Supernatural running in the background.
Eating: Dinner soon, I hope!
Wearing: Bathrobes, because comfy.
Talking to: The other person inside my head.
Feeling: Tired, hungry but strangely content.
Happy about?: My recently purchased Wacom Intuos Pro and art-drive!
Sad about?: That summer holidays are passing too quickly.

Song:  Currently.. Probably something by Lana Del Rey or Happoradio.
Person: My partner and my mom. I'd be lost without those two supporting me.
Member of your family: Uh uh.. unfair choice.
Animal: Cats
Thing to wear: Loose t-shirts
Day of the week: Saturday
Thing to do: Drawing, roleplaying, wasting my life by watching TV series.
Drink: Peach ice tea and cola
Thing about yourself: I think I'm quite amusing, so I guess I'm funny.
Thing to talk about: TV-series, my cat, World of Warcraft, art

Have you ever:
Bungee jumped: No, but I'd love to.
Gone skinny dipping: Nope
Smoked: No
Drank: Yup, but not too often.
Self harmed: No
Cried of joy: Yes
Been to the beach: Yarp
Skipped school: Too much.
Been suspended or expelled: Yep
Been on TV: Once, as a kid.
Made someone cry: Not on purpose. D:
Fallen in love: Yep

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He considers swinging both ways, but has a preference for men. Women are too complex for his taste. :D
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